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Medication Management

What are the physician’s office responsibilities in dispensing sample medications?

Physician offices insured by MPIE frequently dispense sample medications. Complimentary starter doses have proven to be of benefit for patients, particularly those without adequate financial resources. However, sample medications are not free because when properly monitored, they cost the practice in both physician and staff time. Physician office policies and procedures should address the following issues:

  • Medication samples are to be locked.
  • Medication samples are logged in by staff not pharmaceutical representatives.
  • Pharmaceutical representatives are not allowed in sample storage rooms.
  • Medication samples are logged out for samples dispensed.
  • Samples need to be labeled with patient instructions.
  • Patient education sheets should be available for all medications utilized.
  • Documentation in medical records that sample medication was given including lot number.
  • Samples are checked monthly for expiration and discarded appropriately.