General Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions from our members. They are designed to give you a better understanding of our organization, our services, and other technical information. 


What limits of liability are available?

A range of coverage limits are available based on your preferences and needs.

How much coverage should I purchase?

When considering the amount of coverage to purchase, it is helpful to take into account your medical specialty, geographic location, assumption of risk of personal assets in the event that a large claim is filed, and what premiums you feel you can afford.

How is my premium determined?

Medical liability insurance premiums are primarily based on medical specialty, geographic location, coverage form and policy limits. Other factors that could influence premium costs include procedures performed and risk management practices.

What is tail coverage?

Tail coverage is an optional protective measure to extend your claims reporting period. It is available for claims-made policies, and not required for occurrence policies.

What is prior acts coverage?

Prior acts coverage, more commonly known as “nose” coverage is a supplement to claims-made insurance policies and may be purchased from a new insurance carrier when a physician changes carriers and had claims-made insurance with their previous employer. Prior acts coverage covers incidents that occurred before the beginning of the new insurance policy date but for which no claim has been made.

When are my premiums due?

Premiums are due on a quarterly basis.