Claims Management

Contact MPIE immediately at 616.202.2288 or if you experience any of the following:

A direct or indirect expression of displeasure by either a patient or a patient’s family member about the care rendered.

Notification of a Patient Complaint
Any written or verbal notice from your local medical society or other organization concerning a patient report or complaint about your treatment.

Requests for Copy of Records
Any verbal or written request for records from patients, copy services, or attorneys must be accompanied by a valid written authorization signed by the patient or legal custodian. See information below on HIPAA compliant authorizations.

Unexpected Outcomes or Incidents
Notify us early of a potential claim or incident. Early notification allows our claims management staff to work closely with you and your patient while the incident is still fresh.

Medical-Legal Situation
Any situation in which a potential claim could be avoided with your appropriate action or response. Forward Receipt of Notice of Intent (NOI) or Summons & Complaint (S/C) documents immediately to our claims management staff. If you are unsure about the nature of a notice, please call us to discuss. MPIE policyholders who receive a notice of intent to sue or a summons and complaint should contact the appropriate claims manager.