Professional Liability Coverage

We offer a variety of coverage options and flexibility in insurance arrangements to our participants. Making a decision on what option for insurance coverage is an important one—be sure that you speak with an insurance expert to ensure your coverage needs are met.

  • Claims-Made Coverage

    Claims-made coverage offers protection for claims reported by an insured during the time the policy is in effect, provided the incident happened after your claims-made retroactive date. Usually, this is the date of your first claims-made policy. Continuous renewals of the claims-made policy allow you to report claims for incidents occurring in previous years dating as far back as the initial start date of your policy.

    Our claims made coverage also offers the options of Tail Coverage as well as Extended Reporting Periods. If you do not renew a claims made policy, you made need tail coverage to protect yourself against claims submitted after your last policy has expired or been canceled. 

  • Occurrence Coverage

    An occurrence policy offers protection for claims arising out of your practice of medicine during a policy period. No matter when a claim is reported, you are covered under the policy in effect at the time of the incident (service rendered).

    Policy coverage limits available are:

    • $200,000/800,000
    • $300,000/1.2M
    • $400,000/1.6M
    • $500,000/2M
    • $1M/4M
    • $2M/4M
  • Locum Tenens Coverage

    Locum Tenens coverage provides shared limits for a specific term for a physician or advanced practice professional who is temporarily substituting for a MPIE insured provider should the insured be absent from his or her regular practice for such occasions as vacation or maternity leave. This coverage is provided for each insured at no cost upon verification of the locum physician’s medical license for 30 days per annual policy period.

    A Per Diem physician is an additional staff member to a practice that needs temporary coverage. Additional premium is assessed based on the physician’s risk exposure, and days the coverage is being provided in a policy year.

  • Third Party Administration (TPA)

    MPIE provides all aspects of insurance processing services to healthcare organizations wishing to contract out the administration of all or part of their insurance program while still retaining the financial risk. These services may include but are not limited to: claims administration, underwriting evaluation, actuarial analysis, risk management services, patient safety education, short term staffing, interview and hiring expertise for administrative staff, coaching and consultative services.

  • General Liability Coverage (Hospital and Healthcare Organizations)

    General liability coverage may be included as an additional option for coverage on existing hospital or healthcare organization professional liability coverage policies or under a TPA contract or offered as a stand-alone coverage, with MPIE Board approval. This coverage is intended to protect an insured from claims alleging bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and other claims that may arise from normal business operations. Contact an underwriting expert for assistance with determining your specific coverage needs. 

  • Audit and Cyber Liability Coverage

    MPIE offers at no additional charge to insureds, cyber liability and audit coverage. This coverage is seen as a policy enhancement to existing professional liability policies.

    Coverage maximum provided at $50,000 per covered breach event, audit, investigation or disciplinary proceeding including fees and costs incurred by appointed counsel.

    Additional coverage limits are available and may be indicated for larger more complex healthcare organization.  Please contact an underwriting expert to discuss your options.  Click here to access an informational video regarding managing cyber security risks.