Physician Resilience Program

Physician burnout, stress and depression has reached near epidemic proportions according to the American Medical Association.  MPIE is your partner, we are here to assist and support our physicians not only during the litigation process but also to act as a resource for when the stress of practice takes a toll. It is normal for providers to experience stress when they’re going through the litigation process. We provide encouragement and assistance navigating the litigation process and dealing with the emotional toll it can take. 

In collaboration with Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, MPIE provides support services for our physicians in both aspects of resilience (overall wellness and during the stress that litigation and the legal process may cause).

MPIE physicians will receive telephone calls from a litigation resilience counselor at critical junctures during the litigation process as follows:

  • Initial suit or notice of catastrophic event
  • Time of deposition
  • Trial or settlement
  • At any time during the litigation process when the physician exhibits stress related behaviors

Providers can access counseling services by contacting MPIE’s Claims Department at 616.202.2288, ext. 1.  

Note: This service is not intended to replace the patient/counselor relationship and services have a limit.

Online resources:

Recommended books:

  • Adverse Events, Stress, and Litigation: A Physician’s Guide by Sara Charles, MD and Paul Frisch, JD
  • The Resilient Physician: Effective Emotional Management for Doctors and Their Medical Organizations by Wayne M. Sotile and Mary O. Sotile
  • The Medical Marriage: Sustaining Healthy Relationships for Physicians and Their Families by Wayne M. Sotile and Mary O. Sotile