President’s Message

A Message from Michelle Hoppes, President/CEO

The MPIE Difference

Protection - Your Reputation, Strong Defense, and Prevention
  • Strong defense - your reputation is our business
  • Claims staff - attorneys/nurses
  • Support during the litigation process
  • Financial stability - We are here when you need us! 
    • AM Best A- rating and positive outlook
  • Consent to settle
  • Free tail coverage*
  • Mission driven focus on patient safety
  • Prevention of claims - leading edge risk management

MPIE subscribers have reported less claims severity when compared to national benchmarks. We attribute this to timely identification and management of risk, early resolution, and expertise in defense management - and that is protection!

* Retirement value

Partnership - Broad Coverage and Expert Service
  • Partnership is about working for you and with you
  • Customer service is our #1 goal
  • Ensuring you have the coverage for the medical care your provide
  • Policy enhancements
    • Trial pay reimbursements
    • Verdict shield
    • Medical-regulatory audit coverage
    • State investigation
    • Cyber liability
  • Other coverages:
    • Employers liability
    • Directors and officers
    • Business owners protection
    • Managed care
    • Workers compensation
    • ERISA-Fidelity
    • Eerrors and omissions
    • Billing errors coverage
    • Medical regulatory

MPIE subscribers report high satisfaction with MPIE services (consistently at or over 93% satisfaction). MPIE's renewal rate continues to be one of the highest in comparison to others. We are your partner!

Value - Best Coverage at Best Price with Return of Profits
  • Lowest possible cost and stable pricing
  • Service - timely, responsive, and expert
  • Return of profits to subscribers
  • 27% of premium, on average, returned to subscribers in subscriber savings accounts (SSA)
    • No penalty or withholding - SSA distributions* generally start after 8 consecutive years of insurance with MPIE

MPIE subscribers have been known to have insurance coverage for their entire career and receive over $350,000 through their subscriber savings account. Now that is value!

* All distributions are subject to MPIE Board approval and complete pay out of the SSA occurs upon policy termination or retirement.